“Startup Anything Together”


Program Overview

“Set expectations, explore opportunities, and learn skills so you can take action towards developing your idea into something real”

Startup Anything Academy offers young people aged 16 – 24 an extensive program in community development, government, entrepreneurship, digital technology, social innovation and leadership. It provides young people a world class learning experience with a wide selection of courses and opportunities for apprenticeships. It will offer access to a makerspace/incubator for young people to start their own innovative businesses.

Scholarships are made available to members, and as they receive training they discover ways to give back and improve their communities.

The program is currently seeking funding from foundations and corporate sponsors, with a goal to offer the first GROW Leadership Academy in FALL 2017.

The objectives of the Make Anything Academy are to:

  1. First discover Life Purpose through personal identity, values, character, integrity, discipline, and leadership. Visit Life Purpose @ GLA
  2. Demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset – ability and attitude to constantly scan economic or social environments for ways to make an impact.
  3. Find career convergence where gifts, talents, and acquired skills combine with a role that empowers each person to do what they were is designed to do.
  4. Learn how to take first steps to greatness and apply skills needed to plan and fund a path to greatness.
  5. Make and create anything you want. Access Makerspaces and partnership resources.
“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why” - Mark Twain

Skills Training

“Take Action”

Skills Training at GROW focuses on innovative approaches, including a “Play & Learn” approach that provides students with hands-on experience with projects. We also make use of a train the trainer approach, encouraging new champions to contribute their experiences back to the Academy.


How to plan and build it. Take advantage of Makerspaces and partner resources.

General Design
CAD Basics
Tooling basics
3D Printing Operator
CNC Operator


Dream, generate creative ideas, and make those ideas real, so that others can experience your vision of life.

Idea generation

Program Details

“Meet up at inspiring local Makerspaces. Learn. Make something.”


Scholarships Available


Graduate after 3 Months

Download: Program Overview (PDF)


Join local innovative spaces

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